Talk to Me

Kim Bearden is the cofounder and executive director of the Ron Clark Academy; the highly-acclaimed, nonprofit middle school located in Atlanta, Georgia. Amongst teaching and giving keynote speeches, she is a LA Times Bestseller. In preparation for the release of her second book, Talk to Me, Kim Bearden desired a website to promote and sell her book.


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Web Design Layout Kim Bearden
Web Design Kim Bearden

Web Design for Authors

Creating a website for an author is unique. Originally Kim wanted the site to solely revolve around the book, Talk to Me. Users would visit the site, learn about the book and purchase it. Instead, we were commissioned to design and build a website that would align her brand with merchandise. This would allow users to learn more about the author and gain a strong connection with all of her books.

Mobile Web Design Kim Bearden

Slide Kim Bearden Preloader

Custom Preloader

To add a finishing touch to the website, I created a custom preloader to match Kim Bearden’s red shoes. With an outline illustration and a scrolling red bar, has a new introduction to its pages.