Instructional design for the military

For over 30 years Guild Associates has been providing engineering and technical solutions to industry and the military. Their two machines LA.D.S (Laundry Advance System) and M.I.R.C.S. (Mobile Integrated Remains Collection System) were popular tools used by their military clientele due to their mobility and durability in such a harsh work environment.


Technology, Automotive



A large number of Guild Associates' machines were being returned for repair. This was due to their military clients not having the proper training. But unfortunately their training consisted of two training manuals that were over 500 pages each. After surveys were conducted, it was clear that many military personnel did not have time to read the manuals due to the nature of their jobs.


Over a three year period, I wrote scripts, coordinated with narrators, filmed procedures, and designed 3D models to create a customized learning experience. The trainings would be specific to their roles (operations, maintenance, and commander) and have the ability to jump directly to content that's relevant to the current topic/issue.


The voiceovers and images were already created. But linking them together was another task. Rather than showing 2D images with sound, we created 3D CADs and diagrams that motioned and highlighted in sync with the narrator. Giving the learner a better user experience.


We gathered numerous documents, videos, and images to insert into a custom interface, designed to navigate a large amount of information. This required over 2,000 HTML coded pages, each with their own hyperlinks that branched off into other areas of the training.

Package Design

A large amount of Guild’s clients did not an internet access. To accommodate this, I designed, printed and packaged over 300 CDs to be shipped to trainees.