Training New Store

In the midst of social distancing, Zaxby's Franchising, LLC needed to training new and existing store owners from home. While at Zaxby's, I was tasked with designing and developing virtual and in-person learning for company-wide procedures through on-site assessments and analytics. Responsibilities included: visiting store locations to identify inefficiencies, hosting virtual lessons via Zoom, converting printed procedures to videos, LMS management, and create 3d renderings.


Food & Beverage


Interactive Learning

Prior training around building sandwiches focused on memorizing the order in which ingredients were placed. Unfortunately, this was not a realistic experience. I illustrated individual ingredients and created an interactive lesson that allowed users to build sandwiches (correctly or incorrectly) to learn freely until they understand the process.


In 2021, Zaxby’s integrated a new software called Net-Chef into their store operates to record inventory. To train the staff, I created a series of videos to show the importance of the software as well as how to operate it’s functions. This was all made possible through creative storytelling.