Using Saturation

We always say this: “Any color combo can work” Don’t wait for some Fortune 500 company to do it first before you believe. Many people shy away from doing colors of the same temperature or tone. They’ll say it’s too hot, too cold, or too flat. But rather than saying the color won’t work, you should work. .

Did you know that any cold color can turn hot and hot color can turn cold? It’s not the tone or hue….it’s SATURATION! Yes, by adjusting the saturation, you can give the illusion of contrasting colors. Even more amazing, it can literally come from the same color. .

Next time you’re not in love with a color combo, increase the saturation for a loud, warm variation of the color or decrease the saturation for a dull, cool color. Fair warning! Colors with too much saturation will not print well. Most printers don’t come with highlighter ink. You’re welcome!