Launch your idea TODAY!

“Prelaunch is safe. You can provide shock value to your audience with anticipation. You have a 0% chance of failure, people laughing at you, or someone stealing your great idea.” But I’m here to tell you that your idea also has a 0% chance of success if it’s never manifested. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Here’s some reasons to get over fear.

Ridicule: Beat their laughter with consistency. No matter how crazy the idea, keep going and keep failing. With every failure, you’re a step ahead of those who don’t know what’s in store for them on the path to success.

Cost: Money is the easiest investment. You pay, you get your return, you’re done. Time is more important. Don’t believe me? Ask the CEO of a company that pays MILLIONS to hire a staff so he/she will have time to do what they’re passionate about. With that being said, I think you can pay money for something that will bring you back more money. If you’re not confident enough in your vision to believe it will pay for itself, perhaps the idea is not for you. .

Competition: I’ve been building a brand for nearly 6 years. Over the years of expressing my ideas, I’ve had people come to me with the same idea because they’ve gotten the impression that it’s an easy source of money. But after dealing with opinionated clients, not being paid on time, late nights, and the cost of software and equipment, they quit before their big client comes. Your love for your craft will see you through. .

Perfectionism: In an earlier article, I discussed the importance of MVP. Put your idea out in its early stage to build awareness around your brand. Over time, develop your brand in response to feedback and experience. Trust me, your audience will love seeing updates to your vision. .

Conclusion: don’t rob the world of your great idea….PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON!