Project management for graphic designers

Okay, it’s close to the deadline, you’re still stuck! You can’t think of a design and the clock is ticking. To make matters worse, your me client just emailed you and they want an update on the status of their project. It looks like Creative Block is going to win. Here are a few tips to make your epic comeback in the 4th quarter.


One: take a break. It seems counterproductive to not work but, in fact, walking away from your office can spark inspiration. While you’re out, observe your surroundings and let inspiration come to you.


Two: communicate. Most designers make the mistake of only wanting to email clients when they’re finished. It’s important to keep your client up-to-date throughout the process. It establishes trust and they’ll know if you need more time before it’s too late.


Three: Plan! Having a schedule and a project management tool can help you avoid tight deadlines. Tools like Slack, Trello , AndCo, Base Camp, and Zoho are great for planning out your month or even your year.